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Sunday, 29 March 2020 19:05

1.      The curfew is set to continue in all parts of the country during the week 30th March to 4th April 2020, though a partial lifting of restrictions is likely in some in some districts. 

The Government announced that it expects all citizens / establishments to strictly adhere to curfew restrictions as the objective is to prevent the spread of the corvid 19 virus by ensuring that masses neither commute nor congregate. 

2.      In context, we wish to advise employers as follows,   

a.      Only employers designated as ‘providers of essential services’ as well as those granted special permission will be permitted to operate from their establishments during curfew. Employers who may wish to obtain permission to continue with urgent operations should contact the Presidential Task Force on Essential Services on:

Tel: 0114354845 / 0114733600

Fax: 0112333066

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

b.      Employers who are required to carry out operations as stated above (vide a.) should do so by deploying the minimum number of personnel required. Taking additional precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of employees who are deployed for such operations is a mandatory obligation. 

Similarly, continued engagement of employees in order to discuss modalities of operations is encouraged. We expect the continuance of good practices such as consulting with branch unions (in establishments where there are recognized unions) or worker councils (in establishments where such dialogue mechanism are in place) during this period. Mobilizing OSH committees, ensuring the minimum social distance recommended (i.e. between employees) and making special arrangements to sanitize premises, personnel, transport facilities etc in the manner prescribed by the Heath Authorities is mandatory.  

c.       Employers who are in a position to either allow employees to work from home or distant locations should continue to do so, though office premises will have to remain closed. In the event they need to deploy a skeletal staff for any essential activity in their premises e.g. for mainframe maintenance etc., special permission will have to be obtained from the Police prior to such deployment. 

3.      As always, we expect all employers to conduct their affairs responsibly and extend their support and fullest cooperation to the authorities to achieve this National Objective despite the hardships endured and challenges to the continuity of enterprises.  

Kanishka Weerasinghe, Director General, The Employers Federation of Ceylon (29th March 2020)


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